Stimulate your senses

Aromatherapy is a medical use of aromatic plant extracts called essential oils. It is ideal for regenerating the mind and body, and for providing maximum relaxation during a shower or bath. The plants are found in the form of highly concentrated oils which help strengthen the natural defenses.
There are preparations based on essential oils for sauna, hammam, spa, bath, diffuser. Each has its virtue: cherry for a fruity stimulating effect, birch as a relaxant for muscle pain, eucalyptus and pine for their stimulating benefits on breathing.In bathtubs or whirlpool shower cabins, “steam nozzles” release scented essences during the shower or bath. In a hammam, the 50 ° C steam bath can be combined with essential oils such as eucalyptus, which has soothing and decongestant properties.

Music therapy

Music therapy uses music in a healing process. It reduces pain, anxiety and sleep disturbances ... Coupled with the benefits of water, it's no wonder she's doing her scales in the bathroom.

You can control the volume and the different sources (USB, FM or Bluetooth) from the interior strip. From your spa bath, certain music is programmed with the massage functions to release a maximum of endorphin, this hormone of pleasure and relaxation.


Colors play on our moods. So we will choose green and purple for their soothing qualities, and red and orange for their stimulating power. On top-of-the-range balneotherapy and spa baths, a chromotherapy sequence is programmed to accompany each massage. Some offer large color palettes, for maximum relaxing and soothing effects. Its benefits can be combined with aromatherapy and music therapy.

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