Massages provided by the spa

The spa is a hot water bath that has been in use since ancient times. Since that time, its benefits and therapeutic virtues have continued to increase. Moreover, it is thanks to these that the spa very quickly became popular, and that it is now possible to install it at home.

It is effective thanks to the whirlpool tubs which causes the effect of a massage. The latter helps to treat all painful areas of the body, and provides an immense sensation of spa relaxation. There are different types of massage, all of which have beneficial effects to the delight of users.

Hydro-aero-dynamic massage

This type of massage stimulates blood circulation in particular, while targeting muscle fibers. Therefore, it results in a supply of energetic minerals for the body, as well as the elimination of lactic acid, which may be responsible for the cramp. The areas most targeted by this massage are the neck, shoulders, spine, hips, thighs, and soles of the feet.

Relaxation massage

It is the air bubbles in the bath that are responsible for this type of massage. Indeed, scientifically speaking, these air bubbles bring a sensation of caress to the skin. This information will be picked up by the nervous system, which will go into a state of calm and comfort. Like when someone hugs you. This feeling will then spread throughout the body.

Another factor also comes into play. It is the temperature of the bath, which is higher than that of the skin. This will then cause the blood vessels to dilate, and once again, the stimulation of blood circulation. As a result, heart activity will increase.

Likewise, sweating caused by the increase in temperature helps cleanse the pores of the skin.

It is thanks to these types of massage that the spa brings so many benefits to the physical level, but also to the mental level.

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