Our range of SPA Discount

We offer several types of discount and high-end spa that can be integrated both indoors and outdoors. The products at your disposal meet all your needs in terms of design and decoration and are on sale at unbeatable prices! Here are some examples of spa models that you will find in our store.

Inflatable spa

It is considered to be the most accessible and easiest spa to set up. If your budget is not substantial, this kind of spa is for you. Lightweight and easy to move inside and outside the house, the inflatable spa is usually round or oval. We offer it from 500 euros and at this price, you are entitled to the equipment essential for its operation.

Wooden spa

We have various types of wooden spa that we deliver to you as a kit. Easy to install, these spas adapt to any environment and hold up equally well indoors and outdoors. Some models are made entirely of wood while others are constructed of various materials and are simply dressed in wood. From 900 euros, you can install this kind of spa in your home.

Stainless steel spa

You will be seduced by our stainless steel spas which have the advantage of being lighter than conventional spa tubs. These devices are resistant to deformation, withstand temperature variations and are completely waterproof. In addition, their elegance is eye-catching, which allows them to blend easily into interior design. If you opt for one of our stainless steel spas, you will need to prepare a sum from just 1,500 euros.

Built-in spa

Very aesthetic, the built-in spa can be placed in your garden or in a place of your interior. It requires specific plumbing and requires a technical room for its filtration and heating. You can choose from a semi-recessed or fully recessed in-ground spa. The prices set for such a structure defy all competition: you can get them from 3,500 euros.

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