Your everyday spa session

It's decided, you are going to throw yourself into the water! Yes, but within the hot, bubbling water of your future spa! What criteria does one have to take under consideration in your choice? What questions do you ask yourself before you're taking the plunge and make your purchase a reality.

Know where to put in your spa

To find the right location for your spa, you would like to ask yourself several questions. Indoor or outdoor spa? Buried or above ground? One thing is needless to say , hosting a spa requires a minimum of space and a flat and stable space.

Choose the spa massage system

A spa with good quality massages doesn't suggest a spa with the foremost jets! The important thing is that the implantation of the jets and their variety, i.e. different shapes and sizes. check out the range of actions proposed: dynamic or relaxing massage for instance and therefore the areas of the body massaged: massages of the rear , lumbar, arched...

Check the ergonomics of the spa's seating

To enjoy massages it's better to be settled! So study the ergonomics of the seating, you want to be seated or comfortably lying down. The spa must fit the form of your body. You catch on , ask to undertake the merchandise before you purchase it!

Learn more about the isolation of the spa

Having a well insulated spa may be a guarantee of quality and in particular savings. Because the more insulated your spa is, the less electricity it uses to work . So invite the merchandise characteristics and compare.

Know the running price of the spa

To enjoy your spa with a free agent , it's better to understand its running price so as to not have a nasty surprise and salty bill! the speed is directly associated with the great insulation of the spa.

Study the spa's filtration system

The filtration system is additionally a crucial point in choosing your spa. Indeed, it helps to stay a transparent and healthy water for swimming. Filtering features a dual role: it also cleans water but also keeps the pump system clean and thus functional.

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