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Sailing in Greece is one of the most fun ways to explore its multitude of beaches, picturesque fishing villages, isolated bays and remote islands. Whether it's the larger, more cosmopolitan islands with their stunning beaches filled with sun-worshippers and thrilling nightlife; or the lesser-known Greece's smaller, off - the-beaten track destinations that strike a chord with you, sailing around these Greek sun-kissed islands is certainly an experience to be searched after.

Sailing yachts and catamaran charter ships in Greece

Samboat offers a wide range of catamaran boats and charter sailing yachts in Greece. Our charter fleet is linked to a large number of new sailing ships and catamarans each season. Our fleet is made up of sailing yachts and catamarans from Bavaria, Beneteau, Jeanneau and Dufour.

Flotilla sailing yacht charter in Greece

Participate in a coordinated flotilla and hire for charter in Greece any sailing ship or catamaran. We sell charters for fleet sailing ships in Greece's Saronic and Argolic golf. The flotilla starts and finishes every Saturday in the Athens, Alimos-Kalamiaki marina in the Saronic golf course.

All luxury yachts charter in this area

Enjoying a luxury yacht charter in Greece means witnessing a spectacular and kaleidoscopic sea in its complete diversity. Cruisers ' trip to a real heaven on earth will be amazing. Once you choose the birthplace of civilization as your holiday destination, you will only face the dilemma of choosing among the countless attractions of the six thousand islands of Greece and their white beaches, coves and inlets. Such islands are known for their natural scenery and exclusive and sophisticated entertainment at fashionable clubs and award-winning restaurants. Visitors arriving on a sailing charter to Greece will appreciate the unique character of this wonderful destination. Sailing from Athens ' oldest harbor of history to witness the tales of the past centuries that endure in the present, with the Egean gale whispering in your ear is every yachter's dream. yacht rental greece is the best opportunity for visitors to reach their best destination.

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