Spa tubs of the design of your choice on offer

Owning a spa is like having a private thermal spring right in your backyard. So, spa tubs are perfect for relaxing and soothing those sore muscles and joints. Once you opt to take a position in your own tub, choosing the proper one is often an enormous task. We created this guide to assist you create an informed, confident purchase. Being in a hot tub spa is the most relaxing way of easing your mind and body from all the tension you have.

Size and Space

The size, seating and electric needs are the most important factors in narrowing down the right bathtub. Consider these first.


Before shopping, choose the simplest spot for the spa. Most hot tubs are going to be placed outdoors on a patio, porch or deck. Whatever spot you choose, confirm you measure before choosing a bathtub size.

Spa Tub Seating

Plan on inviting guests or relatives over? Make space for a bigger tub with more seats. You will not want to require turns in your new bathtub. Will you be using the recent tub alone or with just two people at a time? If space is restricted, a 2-3 person spa are going to be perfect. With a touch more room, an additional seat or two is good for stretching out.

Vinyl Soft Tubs & Blow-Up Spas

The vinyl bathtub may be a low cost option with only a few features. There are two sorts of vinyl spa: a budget inflatable and therefore the costlier soft-sided spa. Inflatable bathtubs are a short-term option for those looking to possess a hot tub for one to 2 seasons. With just bubbles and no real massage action, don’t expect far more than a blow-up kiddy pool. Soft-sided vinyl hot tubs are true portable spas. The shell and cabinet is replaced with vinyl and foam over a frame. These small hot tubs haven't any real seating aside from the ground itself. Jetting is minimal, and therefore the feature set is meager.

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