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If you want to get to know a country longer, explore its picturesque fields, small towns and enjoy nature, you can rent the means of transport of your choice. Collaborate with the best boat rental company and enjoy unforgettable stays.

Boat rental on the lake

To rent the elegant yachts, you don't need shipping rights, you just need an atmosphere of adventure and curiosity. Each yacht rental company has its own yacht rental services. The latest generation yacht will remain at your disposal for as long as you wish. You can explore the crystal-clear waters of the lake, enjoy the beauty of nature and a fabulous atmosphere. Also ask for information on motor boat rental.

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On sites that are already experts in this field, the daily rental is 50 euros per person per day. It will last about 7 hours, and the guidelines are strict. For this daily rental, the boat has no cabin or kitchen, but all passengers are seated on a chair, with its life jacket and the correct belt. It was to visit the neighboring island that we rented this semi-motor boat. For a one-week rental, with family or colleagues, the boat will be a little larger, with a well-established product sheet. You can read this to get more information about this and choose your boat at your convenience.

A place known for its beauty

You can rent a fishing boat and retire with pleasure. For a successful fishing trip, you can rent a motor boat with all the necessary equipment. The minimum rental period is one day. For guests living in our cottages, we offer free rowing boats, you can rent a motor for a boat or bring your own boat for fishing.

To launch the boat, we have a berth and a special anchor for mooring, an advantage for boaters.

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