How to rent a boat wherever you are

You dream of starting a yacht charter but you still need some information. Discover here our best tips to get you started! You will learn after reading this article, how to rent a boat.

Why rent a boat?

You do not have to maintain it all year long, but one week a year, you can offer a fully equipped sailboat for a magical cruise!

For example, sailboats are the cheapest livable boats for hire, unlike catamarans or motorboats which are often more expensive for the same number of sleeps. Displacements are relatively slow, they allow you to take the time and spend good time with family or friends, to disconnect from a fast pace of life!

How is a boat rental?

Whether in Corsica, Marseille or Guadeloupe, the boat rental is always the same. You meet the owner of the boat on the port which will show you all the specificities of his boat. Then, once the boat is taken in hand, the security equipment spotted, the luggage loaded and the weather checked, you will be able to cast off the sail and hoist the sails in the sandstone of the prevailing wind.

Sometimes the choice of destination is related to the direction of the prevailing wind. The idea is that you can move without pulling too many edges, especially if you are aiming for long steps. You can also decide to cruise coves in creeks, for example on the Islands of Hyeres, to get there in a few hours and to stay there for several days to activate the idleness and diving!

To conclude, for the return of the boat, make sure to store everything in its original location, to clean the sails, and to clean the boat if the cleaning service is not included in the rental. Salt is very corrosive to the fittings, so it is essential to rinse the deck with fresh water!

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