Health benefits from the use of a spa tub

The spa is now known for its many benefits. Due to its hydro massage busses, the spa tub helps you to receive precise and successful massages. The combination of warmth and relaxation soothes body and mind, health and the soul.

The spa's physical and mental qualities

The beauty spa enhances your blood flow, relieves your stresses, relieves your joints, relaxes your muscles, tones your skin, soothes discomfort, facilitates the digestion, removes contaminants, and raises your oxygen. Body cells multiple, relax ... Therefore the spa helps people with type 2 diabetes (by lowering blood sugar) to avoid rigidity, rheumatism, arthritis, back pain , inflammation in the bodies (tendonitis, sore joints or bodies), migraines, hypotension or high blood pressure, varicose veins, overweight, cellulite ...). However, it helps also combat insomnia, stress and depression, it regulates sleep (deep sleep after a spa) ... You must be mindful that the spa advantages are not a one-off.

The effects will last a few days after a successful spa session. The Spa is commonly used by athletes because after intense exercise it helps them heal more rapidly (since it increases blood circulation and eliminates excess lactic acid and toxins from muscles). Also today, the spa is closely related to aromatherapy (therapy with essential oils). Hydrotherapy is an ideal supplement. In addition to the very good fragrance of the pool, the benefits of essential oils have been recognized for decades.

The College Spa or the Five Senses Awakening

More and more individuals have a home spa. To order to stand out, Spa Institutes play the card of the complete perception and 5 senses. Decryption! To order to make their customers experience a sense of well-being, Spas often conceptualize their room to order to make it multi-sensorial. Everything is done to make the spa customer lose all his everyday characteristics and have a fascinating experience in the spa. The idea is to apply for the 5 senses of human beings as much as possible: touch, sight , hearing , smell and taste.

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