Amazing ways to relax during the cold season

In the heart of winter, when the light is lacking and the cold penetrates the bones, we only want one thing: to slip into a jacuzzi tub and enjoy a massage in a dream setting.

Basic ingredients

  • Water and its buoyancy

A body immersed in water undergoes the thrust of Archimedes and lighten considerably. In this state of weightlessness, the body relaxes, joints relax and movements are facilitated. We forget little by little the tensions of the day and the articular pains.

  • The heat

The temperature goes from 35 to 38 ° C, ideal temperature for the body and the spirit since it is our body temperature. The body is thus forgotten, we can let go to a psychic relaxation. It is customary to say that the temperature of the spa water changes as the outside temperature changes: the colder it is outside, the hotter the spa water must be.

The watsu

A contraction of the words "water" and "shiatsu", watsu is another aquatic relaxation technique from California.

Watsu combines the benefits of Japanese energy massage or shiatsu with the rocking of heated water at a temperature of 34 °.

During the session, we let ourselves float supported by a physiotherapist who exerts digital pressure, joint mobilizations and stretching stretching.

This technique achieves a state of deep relaxation that soothes emotions, tension and fatigue.

Aquatic yoga

Like "traditional" hatha-yoga, aquatic yoga is a discipline focused on the mastery of movement and breath.

In the water, the control of the breathing becomes essential: one learns to inspire and to blow voluntarily by coordinating the breath with its movements and to deepen its exhalation.

Equipped with a diving mask, one enters osmosis with the liquid element by fluid movements.

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